Weather crossed 30°C today after so long. And it was such a bright sunny day to go out. Spazieren Gehen as people say in Deutch. Bijal did not want to join me today since I wanted to visit a palace within the city with a huge garden and would have to walk for quite some time. So it was a solo outing for me today probably first time after a year or so. I quite enjoyed it. 3-4 hours without a word, just me and nature and long talks from OSHO on my handy.

I always feel surprised how wonderfully these monuments are maintained along with huge gardens. I truly feel the taxpayers money is well spent. So many people were enjoying the sun bath in the vast lawns and lushy green slopes on the banks of man made lake. Literally in Bikini. Many people were with kids playing games and having real fun without mobile phones. And I got to click some stunning pictures from my “mobile phone” :-/. Next visit would definitely be with my camera. I feel content.


2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Now, I see why did you enjoy and how did you stay in the park for 3-4 hours, had your wife accompanying you, she would have take you home in half an hour 😉

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