Usual updates

I was on leave for a week and a half due to back pain suggested by doctors. Today is the last day of that boring imparted vacation. In the morning I visited a doctor again, and she suggested to take rest again for a week. I feel bad since I am much better now and can resume work from tomorrow. So I have decided to go against this mandatory rest and would resume the work to see if the back is really better. Otherwise would visit doctor again on Friday.

So what I have done this whole duration: I decided to start my Android developer course on Udemy to which I registered a couple of months back. Learning android programming was my hobby but I could never start it systematically. (Everytime I had some ideas for which I wanted to make an app, and start programming randomly in Android – just learning the things which I required. And in that process, I never finished any of my apps and never actually learned the real android programming). This course from Udemy was on discount and I got to enroll for just 10 Euros. I finished 4 sessions and I feel great. At least I know something very basic but in a systematic way.

And during this process, I encountered so many problems with Linux. First of all, the JDK installation, setting up correct Android emulator, the option for installing KVM modules and on top of all, the highly unstable Android Studio for Linux. I cannot decide to whom to blame, Android Studio OR the new “Wayland” (replacement of Xorg). To point out one of the problems, newer version of Android studio has introduced this new layout, called Constrained Layout. I liked it very much since it provides a great freedom in arranging the widgets. However, most of the work needs to be done using drag/drop with mouse. That is where the you need a solid native GUI framework (usually from OS). On Linux, the mouse used to stop working properly as soon as I start playing around with “Constrained Layout” in Android studio. I have no option other than restarting the studio. This is pathetic. As soon as I close the studio, mouse starts working as usual. Then I thought of giving Windows a try. I installed Android studio on windows, and viola, only once executable bundle. Just click next, next and next, you are done. No need of installing separate JDK, setting the path, no need to download special emulator packages. And on top of that, there was no bug in accessing “Constrained Layout”. Mouse just worked as expected. I can now feel the pain of people who want to do real work and don’t want to dive into the hassles of OS issues. After these 15 years, this is the first crack in my love with Linux – just due to this sluggish/buggy/slow GUI and due to lack of standardized GUI framework. I feel that my Windows 8 boots faster than my Fedora 25 (with latest updates installed, WTF)

Anyway, Android’s latest version (Developers edition) O has been rolled out today. My phone is still running KitKat 4.4.2 (shame shame)! Samsung is announcing next phone on 29th of this month, and would be cursing Google on this roll out of O :-O. Samsung is the slowest among all in rolling out the updates. I wish to buy some cheaper motorola device now, g5+ mostly, just to get newest of android, because I like stock android: OnePlus is a cousin of Samsung in terms of updates, and Pixel is overpriced just like iPhone. So that’s the android story.

I started reading the Satya na Prayogo: an autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. I have no words to explain his brutal honesty, his simplicity, his courage, his faith on God and above all his love for truth. My respect towards him has grown immensely while reading this book. I always felt that I do not know much about him being a guy sharing the birthplace with him ;-) I have heard lots and lots of people cursing him, abusing him and opposing to his views on his ways/methodology of freedom movement. Sometimes I used get carried away with those thoughts but deep inside, I always felt that I don’t know much about Gandhiji and how can I be judgmental about him. Reading his biography is an eye-opener. His thoughts are filled with purity and social service was his motto. He was extremist I think. His experiments were really absurd and hard to understand but the intentions were pure. Respect to him!

And finally winter is getting over leaving some signs of coming Spring. Days are longer and brighter now. Get to see the Sun more, feeling more positive. Hope to get back go work from tomorrow, and finish my android course soon ;-)

Have a nice day (to?, me ;-)!


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