DLNA setup on Linux

Major part of my music collection resides on my laptop. And to play the music on Raumfeld Speakers from laptop is not very easy for a non-technical person. On Windows, one has to share the directory where the  music is stored and it must be discovered by the Speakers. The discovery can be triggered from the Raumfeld app however. If one prefers to use linux over windows, creating a samba share in Linux is a pain. But the good thing about the Raumfeld speakers is that they are DLNA enabled. And setting up DLNA server on linux is easier than setting up samba. This is extremely handy document to configure the DLNA server on linux. If the linux distribution is fairly recent, it may use the Systemd init method rather than traditional init.d. So the starting of the DLNA service may look like:

$ sudo service minidlna [status|start|stop|restart]

And if the DLNA share is a mounted volume from windows with “spaces” in the path name, the DLNA server may report some problems. I worked it around by creating a symlink on ~/Music/windows_music and use that share location in minidlna.conf file. Last step is the add this DLNA server as a music resource to Raumfeld speaker from the Raumfeld App.

Happy streaming!


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