Faster Repo Sync for Downloading Android Source

If the Android source code is never downloaded, there is *NO* way I know which can eliminate the LONG download time while “syncing” the repo. But if the repo is synced once with Android source, the next repo sync (for different manifest) can be made faster. For that, Do following:

This information is taken from TI’s OMAP website

Whenever you do repo sync for the first time on a project, you should back-up the .repo/projects folder.
Assuming that the projects folder is backed up in ~/mydroid_latest, you can use the following commands
The steps I follow are:

repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread 
cp -r ~/mydroid_latest/projects .repo/ 

Doing this will avoid the ~6 Gb download that repo sync does.
Once the copying is finished, you can do

repo sync 

and it will only download the new code that was added to the repo using the manifest file, that was used to init the repo


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