Roboto on Galaxy ACE (Indian ROM)

I got the Roboto fonts installed on galaxy. It looks good, and I like it. While searching about how to do that, I came across a file, which was uploaded on megaupload, and it not available now. Even I could not find that file. Basically it has an .apk file which will install the Roboto fonts without even rooting phone.

Anyways, if the phone is rooted, the steps are fairly simple. If you have busybox installed, the steps are much simpler (you can avoid doing “dd” to copy the fonts to /system/fonts, and use “cp” command as linux). I’ve created a script which did it for me. I modified it after installing “busybox” so anyone who wants to use it have to modify it accordingly.

Here is it.

set -x

## Change the /sdcard partition according to your phone, /dev/stl12 is for my phone
mount -o rw,remount /dev/stl12 /system
cd /sdcard

#backup fonts
dd if=/system/fonts/DroidSans.ttf of=/sdcard/DroidSans.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DefaultFont.ttf of=/sdcard/DefaultFont.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DefaultFont-Bold.ttf of=/sdcard/DefaultFont-Bold.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DefaultFont-Mono.ttf of=/sdcard/DefaultFont-Mono.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DefaultFont-Clockopia.ttf of=/sdcard/DefaultFont-Clockopia.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DroidIndia.ttf of=/sdcard/DroidIndia.ttf
dd if=/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Bolf.ttf of=/sdcard/DroidSerif-Bolf.ttf

dd if=/sdcard/Roboto-Regular.ttf of=/system/fonts/DroidSans.ttf
dd if=/sdcard/Roboto-Regular.ttf of=/system/fonts/DefaultFont.ttf

#Following will cause the DroidIndia font to be replaced with Roboto. As Roboto currently does not support all indian unicode fonts, so the Indian language may not be displayed. You need to get the unicode fonts with indian language, and replace it with DroidSansFallback.ttf
dd if=/sdcard/Roboto-Regular.ttf of=/system/fonts/DroidIndia.ttf
dd if=/sdcard/Roboto-Bold.ttf of=/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Bolf.ttf
## Change the /sdcard partition according to your phone, /dev/stl12 is for my phone
sleep 5
mount -o ro,remount /dev/stl12 /system
set +x

Copy this script to your sdcard (with whatever name, i named it, and run it from terminal emulator (Yet another app, available on play store). Must be a super user to run the script so do the following on terminal emulator.

cd /sdcard

Happy modding!!


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