Sample post from windows live writer

Its been a long since I have used windows. And wow, what an amazing improvement I can see in the UI (I started using Windows 7). This UI is so far the best amongst all windows OSes. Its not sluggish even on 1Ghz processor with 2GB ram. The reason I moved to windows is because I need to use the utility – webconsole kind of thing – from SuperMicro which allows to control the whole system from a web browser. I can even configure the BIOS settings from browser – which is cool, but the problem is that, it requires the JAVA runtime environment. I downloaded that on linux, but it did not allow me to configure the virtual media – that is again a super cool funda. So I had to move to windows which allows such things very easily and in user friendly manner.

Now I wanted to try a windows utility – of which I heard from Janak when he used to work in Lode stone – that windows has a native app which communicates to various blog sites and allows posting blogs without logging in via browser. So I downloaded this Windows Writer, which is really really nice. It automatically downloaded my theme setup on wordpress and allows me to edit. Here is the screenshot Smile with tongue out writer


This is cool stuff.


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