Here are the two lines that will free you from changing the file permissions to executable everytime you write  a new file!!

Add it into ~/.vimrc and have fun!!

au BufWritePost *.sh !chmod +x %
au BufWritePost *.py !chmod +x %


13 thoughts on “vimrc

  1. I dont think thats Bubba coz..
    he may not be knowing ahmedabad upto this depth.
    I mean specifically the name “Raipur bhajiya House”
    M i right?? :D

  2. Re: hehe
    Both Remind of a rainy day and
    a wet sexy babe…
    with wet hair….
    that really sounds sexy….
    and that too with bhajiya….??? ha ha ha…
    Kya baat hai!!!
    and by the way….”It Wasn’t Me!!!” ;-)

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