Okay, I’ve talked about the memchached term in a past entry of strlen mysteries. Here is some info about memcached – in a story form :)

And here is the video of Mark et al using memcached on FB:


4 thoughts on “memcached

  1. well either they have understood the “THEORY OF KARMA”…..or they have nothing to do presently like me :D:D. Umm and one more possibility…they might be just plain old stupid

  2. cool funda…..LOL….
    i got one raptchik thing to say….
    do you remember the setence “sambavami yuge yuge”
    shri krishna told that……
    i think shri krishna come to earth in this yuge..
    kya swarupe khabar chhe ? “AIDS VIRUS” …
    think of it….

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