Just saw and update on engadget about the ubuntu 11.04 release, and the bitter update experience of mine revived. I don’t know why but I am a freak of a nice UI. I was so deliberate to try the new overlay scroll bars in new unity desktop, that I upgraded my very nicely working ubuntu 10.10, and I had to pay price for that :( Neither I got a overlay scrollbars first look, nor I could make 11.04 a perm desktop. Anyway that was the old story, today I have come up with something new. Somehow by reading that engadget review, I searched for Mac theme on ubuntu, and surprisingly there’s a complete Macbuntu project running on SourceForge. The instructions for installation are damn simple, and now I am running it!!

Here is the project link:


Download the 40MB package and just run "install.sh" on terminal. It is very simple to install, and will ask you what options you want to go for. If you don’t understand anything (which will not be the case I am sure), simply press enter and it will automatically does the thing. Make sure you are connected to internet, as it will try to download some packages over the internet. Sweet like a mango!! Here is my desktop having a macbuntu :)

The good thing about this theme is that you are not bound with the glossy buttons of mac, you can chose your own gnome provided controls if you wish – that is what i have done. You get nice Dock, mac animations and good feeling :) Have fun!!


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