Changing Default Runlevel in Ubuntu

I am not really enjoying the speed of Ubuntu on VM. So I have to get rid of it – the GUI. I wanted to change the run level to 3, i.e. boot into text mode, no GUI. But there is no /etc/inittab present in Ubuntu, weird. Anyways, google is the answer to each question (which can possibly answered). Found a link mentioning about a file called /etc/event.d/rc-default, but in my system, that file was missing. Finally came across a file called /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf which has an environment variable called DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL which is set to 2 default. It can be changed to 3 and text mode is setup. Lets reboot now.

But I will surely miss the PyGTK apps in windows :(. Need to  learn web apps now, I think that is THE way to go!! 

Happy modding :)


The change in the mentioned file does not work. Finally I had to modify the grub and add the word "text" (which is the argument passed to kernel) in the kernel line to boot it into text mode. Tested OK!


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