Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 – a tale

I am running ubuntu 10.10 and it runs like anything. No problems and no complains. But I don’t know why I couldn’t resist to wait for the stable release of 11.04. May be I was overwhelmed by the beauty of overlay scroll bars which are introducing in 11.04 or may be I wanted to have an early look (and feel) of Unity desktop in Gnome. Whatever, I started the ubuntu upgrade in the office itself – and found that it will upgrade 1400+ packages and install 200+ new packages. The total download size came around 1Gig which I found very high and should not be done from office. I started the upgrade from home and it took a while to finish the upgrade process. One thing I must tell you that ubuntu’s upgrade process is seamless. No glitches, no hikes just smooth.

I was excited booting into ubuntu 11, as all my settings were preserved after the upgrade – including firefox bookmarks and themes – all the stuff. I noticed the unity desktop, its sleek, the title bar (window border) is eliminated once you maximize the window. All the menus appear in the title bar, and title bar is replaced with the gnome tray – its innovative but then when I tried to restore the window size, it started giving problem. I could not do so, and "ALT+SPACE" shortcut is also not working. I cannot move the window once maximized. There is no task changer (which is used to change between running apps OR alt+tab) in the task bar. Suddenly it started to annoy me. I was trusting ubuntu that they must have a restore previous version kind of facility, but unfortunately it is not there. So I had to get rid of this ubuntu 11.04 beta version and wipe out it from HDD completely. Now I’m back with Ubuntu 10.10 on VM.

Lesson learned: Make sure that you really need the latest and greatest version. And even if you go with latest version, make sure you have a plan B in place if you have to revert back. It was a sad experience anyway!!


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