Rooting Android

I have got this android device, and I am really enjoying it. I’ve configured most of the social networking apps and setup mail accounts. WiFi is the must thing for any phone now I should say. I have never used a smart phone before so this was my first and so far best experience. The best thing about android phones are the tweaking, they are easy to tweak and hell lot of information is available over internet.

My next task was to configure the VPN so that I can access the internet through wifi in my office. But, the default android vpn client (in Froyo – which the code name of Android release 2.2) does not allow to connect me. I found this vpn client which is supposedly working on most of the phone. Now, to use this client the android devices must be rooted. When I say rooted, it means the phone (running android, hence Linux) should have the super user access. I am really novice in rooting phones or tweaking the phones so I was little hesitating doing all these, but it turns out to be safe. My first experience was with z4root app, but it could not root the phone. (Interestingly, I did not know how to make sure that the phone is rooted or not. To make sure that one can download "Terminal Emulator" android app – which is a kind of terminal of Linux – and type "su" command. If command succeeds that the phone is said to be rooted). So now I am going to try out the SuperOneClick. And It is said to be working for most of the phones. This is a GUI app which works on Windows, Linux both, so let’s see if it works. Fingers crossed!! 


14 thoughts on “Rooting Android

  1. my suggestion
    go for k750i from sony erricson.
    2 mega pixel cammera, i sumtimes wonder wether u need more clarity than that.
    offcource gopoo will tell u to buy nokia mobiles coz u can actually insert programs in them, but thiking practically when will u do that??

  2. there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    How much money u got ?
    go for sony 750i..but as a computer guy i still recommended
    nokia.. if u are not planning to take very “serious” photography…
    otherwise go for a digicam and a simple mobile..
    mine is 4.1 megapixel..but the 5.1 megs are also chip these days…
    still go for nokia , they are better in using because i use both “6680” and “k750i”

  3. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    as an engineer, u shudent be too worried about how easy it is to use, if that the case, y the hell u use linux wen windows is so easy to use. Look at the performance, the feel, look at the technology.

  4. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    dofa,, where did i mention tht i want a mobile tht should be easy to use.. ??
    and unnecessarily u r pulling lin/win things in between… btw, i m not in a position to spend 18000 bucks in a mobile phone.. i m thinking of k500i.. i thinks its got enough features… (and i m never gonna insert any kind of program in a mobile phone :) )… and a digicam (with 4 mega pix).. thts in my budget (chaddi)..
    but thnx again for the suggestion..

  5. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    i m not in a position to spend 18000 bucks in a mobile..
    to topa , pahela bol ne..ame to ahiya..banne mobile ma kayu processor vaprai chhe tya shudhi check kariye chhiye…..

  6. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    as an engineer we should look…how many way we can use…and not “JUST”
    how fast it is ?..and technology is quiet similar on both phone…only nokia got better software support…
    on nokia i can read pdf…send as an attachment and lots of computer like things that will be hard on i750..its cool for radio and photography…its never a target of an engineer

  7. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    Nokia is hyped up. It only sells in india. They have hundereds of models, every wondered why. Sony erricson have very few models which are very well optimized. Neways its a question of personnal choice, but i would neday go for sony erricson k750i. And “its cool for radio and photography…its never a target of an engineer”, i thought engineers also listened to radio and took photographs. :)

  8. Re: there are “lot” choices ,dont confuse…
    rightly said…its a question of personnal choice…both is better…
    a plane o a helicopter..and dont reply to it…we are innecessarily commenting
    up poor kathiawadi’s journal…

  9. Sweet!! it worked like a charm. Finally rooted the android with SuperOneClick. I used ubuntu to install the software, but I recommend to do it under Windows as under Linux, you have to do plug/unplugging of usb cable in order to make it work – it’s kind of shaky!! But it worked, next target is to make Vpn client running !!

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