border is way behind..

yay!!!!! sachin broke the record of border and now he is the second highest run scorer after Brian Lara. wow. and i got this userpic from :P btw, india is going to win this match, and kubmle is really shining as a captain. test match victory always overcomes one day victory. and rahul dravid is back in team, cool.

last night went to KC’s place for dinner. (not ketan chemburkar, but Kalpesh Chauhan, our colleague working with NetStreams) after so many days had a real home cooked food. it was awesome. her wife puja gave us a box of gulab jambu :P and after dinner we all cursed our company together. hahahaha. and for the first time, everyone’s opinion was matching :P maja avi..

then i called up home and i dont believe i talked 45 mins on phone with mom. i always used to wonder how ppl can talk 2-3 hours on phone but yesterday i felt :P we recollected so many moments and laughed a lot. hahahaha, it was so refreshing. i got energized spiritually after talking with her. mom and dad both are very happy, and that is soooooooo satisfying :)

btw, my zune is in Texas now.. jakas, i will be having it on my hand in couple of days. i also ordered two digicam, and are sent to warehouse, now waiting for the shipping of them so that i can start taking pics coz i dont have any rapchik pics of this trip :( KC told me bout WII last night, a kind of gaming console where you have to really involve while playing any game. its like you will be wet after playing a cricket game on WII. and its not at all costly. and thats why xbox and ps3 consoles are dropping the prices. cool, but the problem is its high on demand and not available on the stores to pickup. lets see if i can go for it :P

and its chintan’s bday today!!!!! he is 25th now. entering into 26th :) grihastha ashram ma praveshe che. wished him this morning. felt good.

jai hind


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