long weekend next week

its thanks giving next weekend and we are having 4 days off!!! life seems beautiful :) faisal (a guy in our office, from pakistan) suggested us to drive to LasVegas. i got excited for a while coz this can be a real adventure. 16hrs journey though car.. and destination is las vegas. wow but then came out of the blues and became a bit practical considering our car condition :P btw, i had ordered zune player from amazon, lost the deal on buy.com. but i m getting in $89.99 but the problem is that the shipping estimation is for 24th dec.. wtf. i saw that after i placed the order.. man, they were running out of zunes and they back-ordered it and due date is 18th dec. man, thats toooooo long.

the thing i liked bout us is ppl are not scared of experimenting and exploring. and i guess that is the best way to evolve. ppl here are crazy about whatever they do. they dont care what will happen if things go bad. they try and most of the time they succeed. it feels good to work with such ppl. i know ppl in our company working on the same domain since 20-25 years and still they are developers only, but they enjoy there work. while its totally different in india, ppl doing job in IT company strives to be manager after 4-5 years of exp. most of them wants to get out of technical field. again that depends upon the interest, but most of them wants a higher post just coz of money. while here, all are getting same money. a developepr and a manager, both are equal. i dont know but i feel proud of neteffect now as they beat chelsio in thoughput as well as in latency recently. thats really awesome. wishing goodluck to them for future. its really cool to see the ppl’s excitement here when they succeed. vadim went crazy like anything when he got 9.78gbps and the wirespeed is 10gbps. wtf. they know each and every tiny thing in hardware as well as software. thats the benefit of being in the single field for 10+ years :|.

btw, my handicapped laptop is working like the normal one :P the only problem left is the key “1”. its not working properly as it used to work. i need to press it little harder rest of thing are runnign smoothly. but yet i need to test it extensively as previously it went of when i kept it on for 5-6 hours.. have to watch movies now on this laptop.

planned to go to houston this weekend, but as usual it failed again. eI mail server sucks, and i dint get status mails and thought i need to go to office to debug the things, and after reaching there i checked mails and server started working. i saw updates and everything was running well. i returned back in 40 mins and houston plan was already cancelled. :((( dont plan anything, thats the way u go!!!!

finally chintan got relaxed as his things get canceled coz of kundli issues :D he needed some time and he got plenty of that now (till he becomes of 27) he is happy, mom is happy and i m happier :D whatever happens, it happens for good. dont regret of that :P

thats all my lord.


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