firefox sucks

firefox in windows sucks in unicode support, gujarati fonts are screwed while i open instead of that is rapchik and very fast. the cool thing is they have started putting images instead of keeping it text based and avoiding the font issues.

firefox sucks with p3 256mb ram. it takes more than 100mb of ram and youtube videos gets slowed down while playing.

firefox sucks for 64bit. it doesnt have plugins for flahs, pdf and many more.

firefox sucks as it has no installer concept in linux. i downloaded latest firefox tarball from net and extracted in under fc7 64bit, and it failed to start just because of a missing library, while the library it asks for is still present in the machine and proper paths are set..

still i use firefox, i dont know why…


10 thoughts on “firefox sucks

  1. lol…dude…its all about ubuntu….let me tell you… :P
    For gujarati font , go to preference , content , fonts & color , advanced , and use gujarati language…you might also want to change default encoding… ;) .. also install genuine font too…
    yep…firefox is ram hog…
    nope , i got 64bit linux firefox , EVERYTHING works , just java sucks little bit.
    dude , its apt-get install firefox , just that. :P , go for debian , you probably had problem with stdc++ or something , well you need different version….but just install the ubuntu dude…

  2. well well well, that gujju fonts thing was the pain in windows, not in linux.. and how the hell u can install flash player for firefox 64bit as its not officially available????? URL plz…

  3. I installed it via AUTOMATIX. its problably a flash player wrapper or GNU FLASH ,,, but i can play video and games…. :D
    in about:plugins it is called “Shockwave flash”,,, whatever that means…
    and yes, It is not supported officially…but since when linux hacker cared about official support… ;)
    yes , the solution is still the same for gujju fonts…go to option instead of preference in the first step…
    :P :P

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