this week was really bad. we did some shopping in weekend.. went to lakeline mall. man it was so huge that it can easily accommodate two villages from which my dad belong. all big brands. went to dillard’s showroom. what the F. all the things were damn awesom. i saw a lather jacket. made up from the lambs of NewZealand. i never touched a soft thing like this. then i saw the price tag, lol.. it was of $640 ONLY :P when we were living that mall, a lady asked us, u need any help?? i was about to tsay that yea, we need some rapchik bank credit, can u help??? :D :D came home after roaming till late night but was in tension bout the bug that was appearing and apparently it was a firmware issue that was uncovered on monday by vadim. sucks, but again there were certain open items which had to be fixed and today it was deadline. again a deadline was waiting to be missed. then it was halloween and i was hoping for a holiday :P heheh.. but i was knowing that its not going to happen. no issues, went to downtown that night.. and crowd here was crazy. all were dressed in dracula uniform lol and some of them were vulgar but ppl were enjoying. its fun. there was a lady (not indian) who wore sari, but in reverse direction.. lol she was looking very awkward. and after coming from downtown, i had a conf call with offshore team, and it lasted 45 mins.. next morning was only 4 hours far :(( i really needed some sleep. this week was last weekend for TU. he was very excited bout his trip to india. he told one cool thing, “for the first time he is going to india in his life..” lol.. coz he never went outside india before hahahaha.. good logical joke. did some shopping again in weekend. for the first time i bought lipsticks for my aunt. went to wallmart and asked one lady there to suggest me some good light colors, and guess what, she found me two cool colors from revelon collection on which there was a offer like “buy one get one free” lol.. we did some camera testing on best buy, its kodak easyshare z810 IS (IS is mega zoom cam series :P) and i also found a flickr link where a guy has uploaded all his pics taken from this cam. its really rapchik, i saw the clarity on screen as well. bestbuy had some apple stall there and there were apple guy marketing apple product, and for the first time i felt like buying a macbook. it was sleek n sexy. no words to describe its looks. and it was running a flash presentation, man, awesome!!! thats where india is lacking, in presenting the things. :( anyways, intel is supported by apple, a good move to be in market. but still certain thing on mac box (like nothing like bios access) are really crapy. but mac is not for engineers :P so they dont provide it :D :D again a week is over. finally TU got some good things from wall mart.. so he was happy at end of the day


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