busiest week ever.. vaat vaat vaat.. its release next friday, so many bugs are still open :( but i guess this weekend we havnt planned anything :D so vl be at home all the time. there is nothing like navratri here :( so no enjoyment. right now i think i m living with bugs all around. there are millions of cockroaches in kitchen :(, in bathroom and plenty of bugs in TSA :D :D I guess my life will become “A Bug’s Life” :D btw its a nice movie, vl see in this weekend. the list of items is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.. but first priority will be for bugs, then movies, then something else..

btw, since quite a few day, we were planning for 6 flags, and we had a more adventurous ride than 6 flags this tuesday.. hahahaa.. jadav knocked down a bike in parking area.. we all were in the car.. and here is the photo of car after the ride was over :D

me, dhruval n pankil were in back seat, TU was on the front seat and jaadav was driving. after coming from taco bell, everything was fine n smooth. suddenly jaadav pushed gas instead of break, and car bumped up into the other parking lot.. car banged to the bike before we could speak anything. thank god, whole car dint hit the ground, otherwise the backside of car could have damaged miserably and its code would cross the total car value :D but the current damage is also pocket breaking :D the bike owner was so pissed of that there were no words coming out of his mouth :D and we were saying sorry to him.. and he said, i was going to sell this bike next week.. hahahaha.. the the next big thing was how to tow this car to the honda’s station. should we wait for inssurance guy to inspect the car or what?? no idea at all.. and by the time we do some arrangement, the bike owner called police and asked us to move our car asap as he wanted to move his bike to garage. i was unfortunate to talk to police, but i heard that they were very polite. now it was time to call tow company. found austex towing company’s number from website and we rang him up. and within 7-8 minutes, he was on site.. man!! thats too fast. when he came, he was also shocked, man, it was unreal, how once can place a car like this, he thought for a moment, and make arrangements to pull the car so that the bike owner can get his bike, he did so, and bike was released. now the problem was with car.. how to place it properly so that it dint get damaged more :D he failed to decide what to do with whatever he has. then he called up another truck to help him out, and that fellow seem to be far more experienced. i’ve got the video of the whole thing, and vl post tonight on youtube. thats truely professional man.. there was not a single scratch when they pulled the car. all were amazed. but it was all exciting. afterall, jaadav will pay a handsome amount for it :D :D

i wasted some time in all these and that caused delay in the completion of the work that i was assigned.. next day as well, i wasted around 2.5 hours as we went to the inssurance company and their office was in downtown, sucks man.. traffic was horrible. and when we reached there, we had to return from the gate itself. badluck hi kharab tha :( and today, i was to complete all the pending task, and i was able to give justice to it. i m in good position now. otherwise this weekend was definitely going to be screwed.

btw, schilder’s life, omkara and many more movies are pending :D and yup, hritik dances flawless. just now saw almost all his live performances. youtube rules.


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