this weekend we planned to go 6 flags fiesta. and coke was giving $15 off on each ticket for 6 flags. all were set, and excited as this was going to be the first ever picnic kind of trip after coming here.. we got driving directions and all that. found that google maps sucks in getting the directions. it doesnt even understand what address we are asking for. and here the savior was yahoo. yahoo maps rocks. so we got the printouts of directions. got 10-12 coke cans from office and came back to home. next day was going to be rocking. after dinner, dhruval was just browsing the website of 6 flags and found that its closed this whole week. sucks, all planning failed miserably. :(( but never mind, next week will be rocking.

for the first time yesterday, my fingers and the part of wrist was aching after using laptop so much. i guess that is because of the touchpad i m using. so i have started using touch ball, but as i m not used to it, my fingers are taking some time to get it done right.

this week was the first week, after prashant left. i thought it would be tough for me to handle all these stuffs, but vadim is a nice guy. treats me well and being reasonable. for the first time, i drove car to office alone on tuesday. it was awesome. i made a mistake, but was safe at the end, so no issue. :D actually while changing the lane, i lost my vision while looking at the blind spot. i guess i m more confident now.

ashish mama is coming on 1st. but will be in new jersey. not a problem as we’ll talk on phone. mala masi called last day, and she was excited to give me this news, but i said that i was knowing it, and then she got angry, that we all are keeping everything secret :)) i m desperate to attend pritimasi’s wedding in november. i dont know whether i will be able to make it or not. i have to get some leaves from here, but all depends on how alpha release of tsa goes. hope for the best.

we saw “the truman show” last night. wonderful movie. actually i was knowing the story, so was able to visualize what is happening. but its a good movie.

waiting for dinner to be cooked. daal bhat, wow :)

jay hind


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  1. yes. I have thoght of it , A sticky 1 square cm pad , which can very easily stick to any of your finger , and just move your finger to any surface , you can type with it too , and when you want to stop using it , just put it on the laptop at the area whcih is sticker than it.

  2. hmm, interesting enough..but still searching for better one!!! or i guess why not change the whole concept of GUI. lets re-invent GUI which doesnt require mouse. its 2+ decades we are using these nonsense mouse and keyboard.

  3. now , thats cool a idea, Change the GUI so that it won’t need good old input method. That will remove all the input method like speech input too. :D …have to think about new gui.

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