yawn yawn!!!! i m getting bored, so thought of posting. btw i got fc7 installed on my lappy. yay, but had some real hard time in configuring wifi, but gopu helped and linuxforum as well. i had to upgrade to kernel version 2.6.22. now i want vpn connection from this laptop and that too from linux. i m able to connect to vpn from windows. i have also got cisco vpn client but somehow the module is not getting inserted into kernel, sucks.. btw i m done with bzcopy code and checked into cvs. a bug is still there, but will solve it tomorrow. today eic team has filed a lot of bugs and vadim modified them all with his comments, man..he is really a khantu. it was prashant’s farewell today, he is leaving this saturday. i wasnt able to make it to farewell as i went to my second and last driving lesson. george is really a nice instructor, and he is fond of indian movies.. lol he is from jordan, but he used to watch indian movies. he has seen naseeb, quarbani, kaaliya and all that.. he said, zinnat amaan is a preety woman.. lol i said yea , she is. then he took me to i35 and then i71 free-way, its fun to drive on free way.. first time i drove over 100kmph.. wow. life in the fast lane :D but i missed on thing, lunch with vadim kaka.. he was there in prashant’s farewell.

went to downtown this weekend, its fun. rapchik gals but all engaged.. went to latitude (club) and as soon as we entered, a fatty covered pankil and started dacing around him..lol for the first time he entered and this was his first exp. :P then we went to some other club and there where a saw some really rapchik sound effects and rapchik crowd dancing on the beats. a fatty there was dancing like a professional.. first time some girl impressed by her dance. she was dancing so well. and then there was a bash there so we left and roamed around came back to home.. it was like, all the beauties on earth come to downtown in weekends i guess :D worth being there..

india is rocking in 20-20. yuvi rocked again.. 6 6s in 6 balls :D 666 (a satanic number :P)


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