a long awaited weekend

last weekend was passed just in a blink of eye.. i dont know why good time always past very fast :( monday morning was very tensed. as i tried alot to make bzcopy working up n running in weekend (ohhhh!!! i worked in weekend as well) but dint succeed in… btw, we went to pratik’s farewell at bombay bistro on saturday.. indian restaurant but not good food.. bombay express n chippotle rocks.. none can beat these two. then after we decided to go downtown. actually its not that huge downtown here, but its more happening in weekend nights. unfortunately we went there on sunday afternoon (the most boring part of week). it was very hot in here. it was for the first time i was going to downtown. but wasnt at all excited as we were going to visit “the capital of texas”, embassy of texas i guess. but it turned out to be a good place to visit. for the first time i saw such a clean and very old structure. damn shining floor and very huge ladders and rapchik paintings and all. then we decided to visit UT (university of texas). and that was very exciting. after visiting it, for the first time a thought of doing masters clicked to my mind. it was very lovely. what a campus.. again very well managed and clean. i saw some chimneys and some very huge machines there n found it was some power mechanics lab or something. i mean it was just rapchik. then we went to top of the UT tower. a 26 story building now being used as UT library. built in 1936, it was the tallest building in austin at that time. now there are quite a few other sky-scrappers. it was fun overall. then came back to home via loop 360. drove through very popular austin bridge. reached back to home and started working on bzcopy, but that shit was not going to be fixes so easily.

monday morning came, and i was a bit tensed, as i spend more than enough time in debugging those issues. it was IBM release this week, and i was to merge my bzcopy code once the release is over, but as i was not done on my part, i was a bit scared. but some how there were so many issues with the current TSA code, so IBM release was getting delayed some how, and i found enough time. i got screwed up this week, and debugged enough to get the code running, and yesterday it ran. wow. and today it was IBM release. co-ordinating with off-shore team is really a pain in ass (words of harry, lol) but prashant is really hardworking and a very nice colleague to work with. he took all the IBM release responsibilities on his own and i was keep on working on bzcopy.. thnx a ton to him.

okay, since two days i m driving to office, and its a pleasant exp. actually today it was my second and last driving lesson, but george (my driving instructor) was hospitalized, so it got rescheduled. we had a dinner with pratul (our CEO) today at ajat’s place. ajat is leaving in a very jakaas community. they have their own golf course. man, it was amazing place. dinner was good and we all were seeing Mr. Natvarlal. lol we had a great fun.

india is rocking on 20-20. and bowl-out was cool. heard that from the news. btw, i got grishma’s cam yesterday. and took some pics from it, but as it has only 16mb card, cant take much pics. after uploading pics on picasa, we all went to swimming pool, but as it was a bit dirty, we went to other swimming pool which was a bit bigger in area. and much deeper. i, being over confident, went a bit deeper and caught myself in sinking into pool. fuck, for the first time i thought i m going to die.. i was screaming but inside water, so none was listening to me. hahaha.. only pankil saw me, so he came to give me his hand, and took his hand, and it was like “tinke ka sahara”.. reetsar ni fati padii (ajay’s tone :P) hahah.. i am saved now and posting on lj :)

listening to tejas’ recording right now.. cool.. i m lovin it

jay hind

EDIT : Happy Engineer’s Day


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