long weekend flew away :(

friday was again the night out.. slept at 7 in the mmorning :P i dont know why cant i do this in weekdays :P btw it was a long weekend so was excited a bit.. but had to do some work on satuday, like configuring the machines for sles10 with ofed. canceled the plan to schlitter bahn just coz of work. moreover none of us (staying in 1323) were that much excited to go there. so we stayed here and wokeup very late.. around 12-30 :P i saw india won and now its back in series. sachin rocked as always. dada was MoM. watched sachin’s inning on net.. it was awesome. did some orkutting.. TU and pankil were searching for samosa in kitchen and suddenly i saw them started cleaning up the freeze.. i joined them by cleaning up the cooking gas machine which almost lost it original colors and yuckkkk.. i dint know how did i clean it but now i can even see my face in it :))) its shining like a gem :PP it took around 2 hours but then i realized that how much pain my mummy n kakis are taking to clean up the home.. i just cleaned kitchen and i was so satisfied, wow. it was raining here yesterday. so all of us went to swimming pool. came back and did some office work and got ofed running over sles10 default kernel version :D then it was time for dinner.. pankil n dhruval prepared chole. rapchik.. done with dinner and movie was waiting for us.. saw pursuit of happYness again. i simply love that movie. the “cleaning house” tempo dint go till morning, noon rather as i woke up at 12-30 again :D cleaned up bathroom the same way and its smelling good now :P went to FRYs, COMP USA to see if there is any good deals available on labor’s day.. wanted to buy a digital photo frame but dint get any cool one in reasonable rate.. but saw some really rapchik digicams and that too were in my budget :P then went to cold-stone, n ice cream shop. was a good exp. came back home and prepared dinner. made a small xml parser for farooq as he needed it very urgently :P and then went to laundry after two weeks.. done with dinner and watched himesh in coffee with karan. himesh confessed all the things that he’s a nasal singer and he dint smile much and why he wears cap always and all that. he is a reasonable guy. respects all his fans and believes in GOD. i liked this interview. then watched javed akhtar and shabana on the same show.. i need to thank http://www.muft.tv for all these and yup, a high speed internet connection as well :) ok then, thats it, a very long weekend ends in a second man!!! tomorrow is again a office day.. going to sleep

jay hind


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