first official weekend in austin

reached on appt on saturday early morning (around 3 am). TU and ajay came to receive me. its around half n hour distance by car from airport to appt. very first long drive in US :D when i entered into the appt, it was all messed up, as bhavin kharadi’s stuff was lying everywhere. he had shifted to india actually. dhruval was sleeping, and i woke him up. laptop was lying orphan on the bed, so i took it and did some emailing and all that. i want feeling any jet lag kind of thing so simply went to bed and had a sleep. hadnt opened the bag still. woke up at 10 i guess, then again got the laptop and did some chatting and all that. informed at home that i reached there. ajay was as usual in hurry, that be ready quickly as we need to go to bank to open ur account.. i said ok, i dint take bath and went to bank to open the account and deposited the advanced amount that i got from india.. it took around two hours. before going to home, ajay prepared UPMa, and i learned that how to make it. :D i m independent now in making UPMA :D after going to bank, we went to FRY’s. its a MALL of electric items, ajay wanted to get the memory card for his newly bought sony cybershot. we roamed inside the mall and dint find the suitable card for him. then went back to room. pratik arrived to appt meanwhile. did some chatting, and unpacked my things. and it was all screwed. some of the snacks packs were opened somehow and almost half of my clothes got dirty.. i got my cupboard and put unloaded my bags there. then pratik wanted to buy some electronic goods and ajay also dint find his memstick, so we went to circuit city.. again a mall for electronic goods. this time dhruval was also with us. and ajay’s friend kedar as well. we were roaming around the mall and found the demo place of audio systems. me n dhruval entered and the demo guy started asking the thing that what kind of system u want, and which u have n u wnt clear sound or u just wnat to blow ur car :P then he started the demo of some of the stereo systems and it was truely awesome.. i could feel the vibrations in my heart man!! the woofers and speakers were generating enough sound to blow the car glasses :D.. then there was a lappy dep there.. i saw a HP laptop with 17″ screen with 2gig mem and 160hard drive with amd turion and nvidia graphics card for only $999.. hahaha.. that laptop had numpad in keyboard lol.. i operated some macbooks there but dint impress me much as dint know how to operate it :D again came back at home.. TU went to office. i dont remember what we ate on saturday night. we went to play tennis at night, but the light went off so we simply played cricket with tennis racket in the car parking area :D it was pure fun. me, gaurav, dhruval, mahesh and TU were there. came late on that day, and then went to sleep without bathing. all sweaty. next day wokeup very late.. around 12 and went to barton creek.. there are some malls there (again) and a multiplex (AMC). saw rush hour 3 there. nice movie. here there is no concept of seat number in cinemas. choose ur own seat whichever suites u the most. i guess there were only 15-17 ppl in the cinema hall at that time :P after movie, we went to nordstorm, again a mall in barton creek centre. but this was one of those mall where u wont find anything cheaper.. i even find it hard to find any branded things.. all the apparels were designed by a well known desinger. the cost of shirts were starting from 100$.. lol we just roam inside the mall and came out :P then we went to BARSANA DHAM ( a cool place where a temple of RADHAJI is constructed.. its being managed by localites here.. there was total silence inside the temple, i felt this much silence first time after the visit to lotus temple (delhi). it felt so relaxing.. i loved that place and there were some really rapchik chants and its translation were painted on the ceiling and on the walls with wonderful pictures of radhaji and kishanji :) this is the farthest place from our appt i visited till the date (25th august).. came back to home and did some timepass.. went to play tennis at night. and i came to know that i know nothing bout tennis :P i was not even able to serve correctly :P the area had two tennis court, and was covered by a tall fence. even with this protection, i lost three balls :D :D either i was not able to put the ball on other side, or i was throwing the ball out of fense lol.. two extremes :D but we enjoyed a lot :D it was a bit late and next day was to be the first day of mine in office so was a bit excited and scared too.. went to home and then slept :) weekend over..

jai hind


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