demo day

first day. its monday and conf call at 8 in morning.. got ready and went to office with ajay,pratik,dhuval,tanmay.. reached there on dot time, call was just started.. john,harry and dave were there in call.

harry: i m seeing a new face here..
john : hi i m john, glad to meet u
dave : hi, welcome, i m dave
harry : and i m harry, your boss.. (loling)
john : harry’s everyone’s boss here… laughter all over

done with conf call and then harry asked me to learn some of the onsite champs activities, but he was knowing that i m not there for maintance, so he said “i know you r john;s, i m not supposed to touch you.. ” lol,, but then i have to know where is swqa lab how all equipments work. dhruval took me to lab and showed all the things, he was cloning some harddrive and we both were supposed to configure all oses in newly clonned hard drive. my cubicle was not alloted so i was there in lab whole day, but then harry gave the jordan;s cubicle to me (i really felt sad for jordan, a 15 year old boy working there during his vacations) i also had to give demo of TSA with more than 32 connections working. i did that in front of harry, john and they seemed happy with that. got some sensible feedback from john and then had a talk with vadim on that day. he also seemed a cool guy but very busy indeed. was looking geeky, so all of them working there.. (similar cubicles i’ve seen in a mail showing google’s workplace :P) got minicm code from him, and tested it initially and it was working, but there were some issues with that. saw 10gig tracer for the first time.. 10,000$ device in my hand man, for the first time in my life, i was holding such a costly n important device. :P

first day seemed fine. harry took me to the cubicle to all the guys there :P all are just geeks here.. and i saw a lots of techy books in their shelves as well as there in their book shelf. the most interesting thing in office premise was the break-room.. full of chocolates, fruites, ice-creams, starbucks coffee, varity of juices and what not.. the office design is somewhat weird, i simply got lost twice in the day.. but now i m all set here.. first week also went well.. harry also is not bothering me much right now.. prashant is also here for TSA so it feels good now.

btw, today i drove car here from office to a small distance, and it was horrible.. was a good exp.. the best thing here is that internet connection.. the only entertainment here for us is youtube. as soon as we come back to appt, start laptop, and start songs on youtube.. since last week, we go to sleep at 2 in morning :-o.. so today i was feeling very sleepy in office.. last night i slept at 3 and wokeup at 7.. so today by coming back to appt, i simply went to bed and wokeup at 9. its weekend now.. all fridays evening, we order pizzas..pizzas here from pizza hut are really fadu. we dont get such pizzas in india, i dont know why. today also we watched youtube for aournd 10 pm to 4 am morning..
all of emon’s video (the guy from indian idol).. and then old hindi songs and then coffee with karan and all aaltu faltu stuff..

but its fun here (at least right now)

jay hind


6 thoughts on “demo day

  1. yup, atyare to maja pade che.. but i hope youtube doesnt get flooded like google forums.. :P and i guess youtube is a kind of alterntative of google search.. who would like to read a fucking lengthy article if one gets an audio-visual option :P
    havent decided on laptop, the only thing i decided that i wont go for vista :P or any damn windows version in laptop, coz vendor installs a hell many apps inside it and i just hate that.. 99% of them are not at all useful without net :P and in india, still we dont have that rich wifi connectivity.

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