going US is a fun

hmm, finally i got ticket of 9th aug (i.e. thursday) and i came to know bout that on monday. sucks man, only 2 days for the preparation.. but somehow all the thing were managed. kaki bought me all the luggage carrying things plus many more :) which i cant write here :D i got the very long list (from our onsite champs) of all the things i need to bring. so need to collect most of them in just TWO days :-OO okay so was ready with bags packed full of snacks and very less clothes. there was no excitement but fear of forgetting the required docs. with the great help n support of chintan i gathered all the docs and all packing were almost done. got the numbers of all relatives from ashish mama and got the number of seema from tejas :D she is austin only.. mom dad were also here in abad for wishing me luck. mom helped a lot in packing (rather she and kaki only did all the packing).. in this last two days, i called almost all the closes ppl (and some of there are those from whome i hadnt talked since months) it was raining too hard since last week and that also interrupted in my shopping. then we all familiy members plus some close family friends went to dinner in bavarchi :D i’ll never forget this coz this was the costliest treat that i’ve ever thrown :D but no issue as i was going. next day i got all the office address and phone numbers from mpatel.. went back to home, so many ppl greeted and then we left for the airport. just before we left, jadu came to home, and asked a very senti question “have pacha kyare malsu??” as he will also left india in november.. and probably i wont be there in india in novemenber. after all these we left and i called my friends on the way to airport. last time calls, feels somewhat awkward.. akhil told the he will divert my flight from mumbai to porbandar :D. finally we reached to airport where tanmay’s mom n dad were waiting for me to come, coz they wanted me to carry tanmay’s kurta and some sweets for him. i opened my bag on a’bad’s domestic airport and put all those things inside. now it was time to say byebye to family :D this was the first time i got some feelings that i m going away from my loved ones. chintan was crying man!!!! so much i have never seen him. i simply turned back to my way of check-in otherwise i would also have cried out :((( but that was just for a moment. once my check-in was done i just waved my hand and they came to the borderside of airport.. i came out and met them for the last time. okay now it started the jounery i never thought of for years.. first time in airport and that too alone. i usually never go to airport to receive any of our relatives so simply dont know any of the procedures like what to do on airport.. i guess, this topic deserves an exclusive entry :D flight was a’bad-mumbai-brussels-newark-austin.. a total of 26 hours of journey. WTF sitting 26 hours idle, plus i dont read books.. man!! i flew first time in my life.. and the time when plane was about to take off was the only best time when you are flying. otherwise there is nothing much exciting in flight other than air hostess.. i was flying with jet airways and aarti was cool but poonam was awesome. international flight was having some nice facilites, but my seat was not a window seat and it was at the tail of plane.. last row in plane, sucks. but the console that the plane has some cool features.. and i crashed that console as well.. :D :D it was running redboot linux.. “uncompressing kernel image.. lol” it has some cool movies, i saw DON, wild hogs and listened to some music tracks.. headphones were not that rapchik but was enough for movies.. i slept alot. food was also good. initially they distributed some hot hand towel kind of thing, and i wass not sure for that was being used, so i dint take it.. i saw what others were doing with that, and when next time they again distributed i took it.. it was basically for cleanig ur face and hands and keeping moisture level normal in flight. there was a halt at brussels (its somewhere in europe).. a cool place. everything was new for me. we had to get off the plane for security check-in.. with everyone else i simply followed the mob.. ahead of me there were two gujju guys, working with jetairways itself. :D i got a bit relaxed, ,found someone speaking my mother-tongue. we again get into the place, the place got cleaned and now it was going to land on newark.. a boring journey man. finally after 10 hours, newark airport came. climate was not good but we landed safely.. my connecting flight was after 8 hours, so had a plenty of time for finishing immigration and custom clearance thing. in the flight itself they gave i94 form, which has to be filled up for immigration. there is one more form to be filled for custom clearance but i dont know, jet ppl were running out of tht form, so had to collect if once we were getting off from the plane. i filled them with the help of a gentleman sitting next to me in flight. i was a bit scared of immigration interview, as i heard that if u cant clear immigration thing, u may have to return from airport itself :D but its very very rare. i was very lucky enough as ours was the only flight landed at that time, so there were no rush at immigration counter. i got enqueued and my turn came to a counter where a lady was checking all the docs and all that, i gave my passport along with my invitation letter.. and cool.. she asked only one question that “will u be getting paid for all these here??” i said my salary is getting deposited in india.. thats it, i got the stamping of 6 months. yay!!! then i had to go to collect my baggage. one has to pull a card to put the baggage for $3. it took some time to identify my luggage in the conveyor belt :D hmm, went to custom counter and got it cleared within 10 minutes. then i started moving toward terminal C to catch my connecitng flight.. meanwhile a huge black man was standing there and was asking where u are going, and asked me to put my baggage there if i were to go austin. i put my bags there and went ahead. to go terminal C from terminal B, newark airport is running air-trains at the interval of 4 minutes.. its a jakas facility.. i went to the place and picked up the airtrain and reached to terminal c. i got my boarding pass at a’bad airport only. i went to continental airlines counter as i were to travel through that airlines. i asked them if this boarding pass will do or what, they said this probably wonnt work, you’ll have to do a self checkin from a terminal (computer) kind of thing. i just went there and started operating it, but dont had a clue what to do.. i was just operating it blindly and some lady stood behind me.. she was an airport assistant and helped me out in getting my boarding pass. she got me a window seat.. cool.. but my flight was after 8 hours.. so i wanted to call my buddies here that i will be reaching there at midnight.. so i was looking for a counter where i can get a change, and i got 4 quarters of a dollar. i went to a phone booth and dialed on a mobile of pratik. it takes $1 to call on outstate, i inserted all quarters and dialed, phone rang for about half a minute and then it reached to voice mail.. sucks now i had no change to call them on fixed line phone.. sucks, i still had to past 8 hours and i started roaming around the airport. it was very cold there and i was wearing only shirt n jeans.. i went outside airport and it was equally cold. i had books with me, but who was going to read it!! i wished i had harry potter, coz that was the only book that i could think of finishing :D :D i rest my ass on seat and had no choice other than staring at ppl.. there were so many beauties on airport.. was a good timepass, but for 8 hours!!! and after some time, i found that my flight got delayed for 3 hours.. WTF, 11 hours on airport and in such a cold env, it was impossible for me. but i had no choice. i started looking for an internet booth around, but no one from airport staff was knowing that where the internet booth was in whole airport. sucks, i simply waited for 11 hours and then got my flight flying for austin.. wow now it was final destination. landed at bergstorm airport of austin and ajay n tanmay were there to receive me :D wow i was done and got my luggage and put that into car and reached to the apartment.. mission accomplished… it was friday night, so next two days was enough to get out of jet lag, but i had no jet lag infact as i slept enough while waiting at airport for 11 hours. weekend in austin will be the next entry :D


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