things are happening so fast

once i got visa, i was very happy but there was not a slightest chance of mine to fly.. moreover my bond with company got over on 13th june.. :D so i was free as a bird and started applying to other companies.. on my bday (i.e. 26th june) i got a call from INDUSA (a s/w firm) and they wanted a person for linux kernel + file systems.. i scheduled interview day after 27th. i went there and got interviewed (Was a bit nervous as this was the only second interview in my life D:D) first one was in einfochips only :D.. i cleared it n then started the pkg negotiation :d it dint go well and i refused the offer very next day.. the most irritating part in life is when ur confused and you are to choose between two things.. i am very bad at selecting the right things. moreover my amdocs result was also announced, and i was informed that i have cleared the written test (wow) and had to appear for interview after submitting my updated CV. but even after submitting CV, i dint got response for 2 weeks so i mailed them and got the response that this post is on hold right now :D no probs, hopes are still alive :D then july came, again got an interview call from local company (renovau) lol.. i first heard lenovo on phone lol.. my telephonic interview scheduled.. this time i was not much nervous as i had already some exp of interview now :D it was from UK i guess. it went cool but i dint get reply till a week. then i was busy with my work and project and all those.. i got a call from there after two weeks i guess and they said first round is clear (i was happy again, that there is nothing much wrong in my tech skills :D) i went there for face to face interview and that also went well (rapchik i would say as they only asked the things on which i worked for 2 years D: :D) but pkg which i asked was too high for them.. no probs but i got good exp of interview till the time.. then on 20th july, again i got a call from a mumbai company and wanted some info bout my current profile and expected pkg if everything goes smooth, i said my expectations and she laughed out loudly on phone. so did i.. then she said it was too much.. i said i m coming to mumbai and its reasonable..she got convinced and scheduled interview, two interview happned in that week and cleared both of them, and immediately i got offer letter in my hand.. WTF, i again got confused, to go or not to go.. finally i thought to resign current company and put a mail to my PM and he said we wont let u go, we are planning for u to go US. sucks, all the tricks to stick me here.. then negotiation ran for a week and finally i decided to stick here (this week was one of the worst time i have ever lived) :(( probably i may fly to US in august.. lets see how everything goes!!!! life has been changed a lot in last 1 month..

btw i got all the Harry Potter pdfs with me.. about to complete first one today :) (first book in my life :D)
thnx gopu n manan for it :D
manan thi yaad ayu, he left the eI as he wanted to prepare for CAT. because of MANAN i m in eI right now, thanks a ton to him. :)


2 thoughts on “things are happening so fast

  1. hey buddy… dont worry…sometimes we come in “good” dilemma… but now u have chosen one out of them and u r flying to US for sure… well i really wish that u briang a laptop for me… i ll need it wen i ll go to IIT :)

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