june07 ended

cool. was a bit relaxed once entered into the main hall. got my docs and other things checked by security guy. as soon as i entered i hears a lot of noise inside. and i reminded the mock interview with swati where she mentioned that try to concentrate on the announcement as there will be so much noise inside. as soon as i entered, i was lost, where to go.. i saw a small queue inside, and observed that the fellows on the counter were the guys from VFS and were giving us the docs back that has to be submitted on VFS. i also got enqueued and got the docs. then there was another queue where all have to got their finger prints scanned. there was an old lady doing the processing. got done with that part, and now i had to find a seat in a big hall. probably 30% was filled of gujjus.. i was happy to see the jeweler’s carry bag on gujju’s hand for keeping their docs. it felt like home :D i found a seat in the front raw from where i was able to see the counters clearly (some of the counters are in corners) but the problem was that the seat i got was surrounded by a gujju family with kids (naughty kids rather) they were making enough noise to distract me from concentrating on the announcement that were happening for the interview. somehow i managed to hear my token number and i got the counter 16. there were some numbers before me, but i was the first one to reach to the counter, hence interviewed first. interviewer was a decent fellow wearing a rapchik striped shirt. (that was the first thing i noticed :D :D) as soon as i entered the counter, he asked me my token number, i said 568. he found my envelop from a bunch and pulled out my BEP letter.. before starting the interview, he tore it into two pieces along with my hopes of getting visa :( then he saw my form and asked me “so u r coming from eInfochips.. hmmm, what exactly u do there” i explained my profile.. “why ur going to US ?”, he questioned.. praising myself, i said the profile i’ve been offered by my client considering my past work exp.. “okay..” he said confusingly as he dint seem to be a techy person.. “what are the clients of eInfochips??” i said philips, TI, intel, netstreams and of course neteffect (for which i m going… :D) then he asked “why ur company is working in this domain??” i answered (LOLing in background coz of his stupid question.. how the hell i would know why my boss started this company) we have lots of experts in this domain and its the field which deals with cutting edge technology and this and that and blah blah!! “What is your pay?” i answered it.. “how long uv’been working with eI?” “how old r u?” “is this ur first employer??” “so u started working as soon as u came out of college??” i answered all of them… then comes the master question :D “do you have any relatives/friends there, vishal?” i said “NOOOO” he almost fainted in disbelief.. lol “i just cant believe being a gujarati, u dont have anyone in US??, r u sure?” i said yes, we are only four members in our family and i will be the first one to go there.. (again loling, as i was lying :D :D if i make the list whom i know in US, it can easily hit a century :D) somehow he got convinced with my answer and then he again took those two pieces of BEP letter and make sure that he is not a fake buddy :D.. “okay mr vishal, you;ve got ur visa and your passport will be couriered to you tomorrow..” SIGH…… cooooooool man i was feeling like there is nothing more important than getting ur passport stamped with US visa. lol i came out of counter and bid best luck to the next guy standing out side the counter :D and left the consulate with happy feet :D thats it!!!
then i went back to VFS by walking as there were no auto rickshaw available.. but i dint care as visa was the only thing running in back of my mind. by reaching there, me n kaki went to mahalaxmi mandir, then went to siddhi vinayak and reached at home at 12.30 and my train time was 2.10 pm. karnavati exp. after taking lunch i reached at railway station on time, train arrived on time, and i got into my compartment.. i saw a couple sitting on my seat.. i checked my tickets and WTF.. my ticked was booked for a day before.. shitttting.. i get off just a second before train started.. but then my mind was blown out.. i called at home and went to kaka’s place again. i was a bit scared as it was my fault not to check the timings in tickets before.. but nobody cared and i got some advises :D kaka booked volvo for me and i reached here at morning.. mission accomplished :D :D


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