June07 – II

the only missing thing in the VFS doc file was the photo copies of my passport :) actually i was cmoing very late from office those days, so dint get a chance to get it done, so i left that part. ajay told me to reach VFS at 8.30 AM so that i get my turn very quickly, but i had no photocopies so i went to a stationary shop and got it done, and i was not having u-pins, so i searched for that in so many shops (in the morning) and all of them denied :(, thn i went to my office (none was arrived yet), adn i looked near my desk and all, but dint get any, meanwhile, mitesh (office boy) came and i asked him to get me some upins, so he brought me from receptionist place.. lol.. thanks to jadu for as i was having his activa, so there was no chance of getting late at VFS.. finally i reached ashram road, but i was not knowing the exact address of VFS :D, i roamed there for about 5 mins, but failed to locate it, then i rang up ketan and he told me the exact address.. finally i reached there, and i was seeing a very long queue, sigh,.. i got enqueued, and was arranging my docs while standing.. and fuck, i was not able to find my HDFC yellow receipt.. i came out of the queue, sat on a bench, and tried to search through whole file and whatever was there in my bag… i was sweating all over in the morning, then i thought i may have misplaced it at home, or may have forgot it on the stationary vala’s shop and all such thoughts started running in my empty mind.. i thought i m not at all serious about documents, ths n that an all… i had also thought to give a call to my HR about that, going to stationaryvala’s place (about 5-6 KM far from VFS), but then started searching in my file again.. dint find it yet,.. then i had a notepad with me (which i brought from office) and simply shuffled it.. and there slipped a yellow receipt.. (kahan chhup gayee thi meri bachhi…) huffff, as i got a new life lol.. not went back to the queue, standing there with some releif, but again some ppl started talking about the photo which has to be sticked into the form. i was told that there is no need to stick photo on the from, u can directly go to VFS and inside vfs office they’ll click ur photo and stick it on the form, but the ppl around in the queue were experienced and they saied there is no photographer inside VFS chamber.. sucks!! then i asked some peon there that is there any photographer around and he showed me the way to photographer’s small kholi very next to vfs chamber (inside VFS campus itself, of which our HR was talking bout) i went there and got myself photographed, and he said u;ll get ur photograph inside the VFS chamber, there a person will stick it for u in ur form.. i was shocked, that how the hell they can enter into chamber without valid reason.. but is inida, anything can happen with money in hand. i had to pay 100 INR for 4 photos. then again i stood up in queue at the end, and then the peon said u have to get ur form assesed whether its okay or not and all of a sudden queue was dissolved and all went to peon and created a chaos lol.. i was standing last coz i was alomst relieved as i got yellow slip and photos.. my form was okay and i again stood up at last, but the fellow which was behind in the previous queue, asked me to stood up before him.. thnx man!!! then we entered into VFS.. there were beauties inside accepting the forms. cool.. after some time, my turn came and i went to the counter and submitted my docs, then she said ur passport photocopy is not that dark, u have to do it again.. sucks, but fortunately VFS has their own xerox machine and i got it done from there itself,within 1 minute and submitted.. then she started speaking all the thing i need to take care while going for interview.. she was like a breathless singer. dint even stopped and bothered whether i m listening to her or not!!! bt i was just staring at her. genuine beauty :).. then she wished me luck!! i said thank you and came out!!!!!! sigh. i reached to office back, and came to know taht if i had missed that yello slip, i could not be allowed to apply for visa for 1 year!!!! :-OOO

in the evening kaka and all were coming from pbr, great!!! now i was supposed to book the return tickets for mumbai.. interview date was 11th june monday, so i thought of leaving on saturday night, staying one day at kaka’s home at kandivali and then on monday visa interview and vl leave on the very same day.. interview time was 8.30 am.. the only problem was to reach to mahalaxmi from kandivali in early morning :)) bt mumbai trains are rocking.. i asked my hr to book the tickets and she got it done.. it was an e-reservation so i got my tickets as a printout :P i check the date n time of abad-mumbai and it was gujrat mail.. k no issues, return ws karnavati exp..

this was thursday, and i was expecting the results from amdocs guy bout written test, but nobody got the mail till the time.. but visa interview was the only thing that was running in my mind. its 90% luck n 10% what u speak.. then started the series of mock interviews in my office. before me sumit got the visa so i already had an idea what kind of question they asked an all that, but sumit was quite squeezed by interviewer, but finally he got visa, i was a bit scared.. i gave 3 mocks and all were good, swati said no need to worry, u;ll get the visa.. :) i was a bit relieved.

more next time..


2 thoughts on “June07 – II

  1. how the hell you can remember these much ??? i had similar kind of tension back then , but couldn’t remember a bit of it.
    or you had a draft ??

  2. i dont know, but i dont want to forget, so i m writing :)) this is not the drafted, but u made me start thinkin…. how can i remember these much.. :))

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