june07 – I

this is 3rd time i started writing, and this time i think i will end up with completing this entry… last month was much happening and i wanted to write so many things but was running out of time.. home renovation is still going on, but kaka-kaki are fed up with that, so they decided to go to pbr in last week of may :P and they went there even.. in the same week pappa-mummy shifted to a new home (Again on rent) but this time, the home is quite big, so i m excited to go there.. when kaka-kaki were there, i got email+sms from amdocs for written test that was to happen in a’bad. i thought of applying and convinced jadu,dattu and viral as well. i confirmed 3rd june as the test date, other option was 2nd june.. i also asked gopu for the same, and he also confirmed for the same date.. i decided 3rd june coz its my pappa’s bdate :) lucky day for me, as i got job on the very same date before 2 years :) we all went to the place where the test was except jadu. i called him up in the morning and he said he is not sure whether to appear for it or not, and somehow i convinced him and he came there at 10am, instead 9.30 am.. we all were allotted the pc for the online test and jadu was given the time of next batch of test so he went back :P the test was comprise of apptitue, c, unix, sql and some other stuff.. it was fun as i was appearin for any test after 2 years :)) before all these happend, when kaka-kaki went to pbr, i was told to start my visa procedure (actually all that is done by our HR) but this was a mail from my PM. i filled up the form (i.e online form for US B1 visa) and in that they were asking bout the joining date of school and college.. :-O i was not knowing any of them, actaully i changed 3 schools (1-7 g.d. lakhani, 8-10 navyug, 11-12 sheth c.m.) so i had 3 LC with me, but they dont mention my joining date :(( moreover in visa form i was supposed to enter the phone number of all schools and college :( what the hell, i then rang up nanabapu at gandhinagar to get my school number for sheth c.m. somehow i was able get other numbers from internet :P.. i did that and form was submitted.. i got visa interview date on 11th june.. i told this to kaka at pbr.. i was very nurvous, as before going for visa interview, i had to submit all required docs to VFS a;bad.. and i m very bad at arranging documents so i was very scared.. actually once u submit the fees for visa, one yellow and one pink HDFC receipt is given, yellow one should be submitted to VFS and pink one should be carried to US Consulate Mumbai.. and i was told to keep these two things very safe :P so i prepared my file with required docs carefully and yello receipt was kept in one of my notepad after filling up the visa form (in office). i brought that notepad with me at home. then i simply put that notepad in a bag with my file. i was supposed to submit all the docs at VFS a’bad before 5 working days of visa interview..

more next time… i had to go now


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