i dint type anything for 15 secs and the entry was autosaved.. smart!!! i am waiting for the machines to be freed, coz i want to test the bug which is fixed (thnx to ketan for helping me out n viral to find another way to solve it) actually i did nothing to solve it, but still i’ll have to write a mail to client.. sucks coz another half n hour has to be spent for that.. btw, sumit got visa today so had a party ;) again from freezland, a chocolate alpine thick shake *slurp*.. applied to google yesterday (lol, how optimistic) appeared for amdocs exam this sunday.. and waiting for the mail from ajay eagerly :D today is env day, and sky is looking very sexy at this point of time..

got the machines.. so its good that entry is autosaved.. vl complete it within n hour :P

wtf, i m not able to run the fixed code on remote setups. this realy sucks man.. the whole day i spent through the issue, and now its not working.. it working remotely and now m supposed to send the report to client.. nobody is in office and m trying since last 45 mins.. let me give a try to older sdk.. its working.. thnk god

good night
jay hind


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