home sweet home

a nice week of leave, but blew away very quickly :( my routine was to wake up at 9.30, taking bath at 11.30, lunch at 1.00 sleeping at 2.30 waking up at 4.00, watching GUJARATI tv serials (lol) and then go to chowpati.. aaaah.. climate was verrrry pleasant at probandar. my home is a bit far (not that much, but about 2-3 kms) from shore.. and now we r shifting to new home, at 3rd june (my pappa’s bday) and thats too near from shore. vl enjoy coooool breeze. whole week i ate mangoes, mangoes and mangoes, and my face speaks bout that. every day i ate PAN, SODA and went to bed at 12.45 in night. i just loved it. me, pappa, mummy, dhaval, hiren, pandhikaka were regular visitor of chowpati everynight :P if i got 15k job at pbr, i wont live here ;) btw, hiren’s papa fell down and got fractured his both wrists :( 1.5 half month bed rest :( dhaval is going rajkot for icici and got his package doubled; i dont think he;ll stick there (a bouncing ass) i went to devu bhagat’s place, then met to bhai at gondal. a spiritual trip of two days to gondal :) after coming back to pbr, i listened rameshbhai oza. got impressed.. started “satya na prayogo” again, want to continue it here. saw k2h2 last night after 6-7 years. was fun, thats it, updates r over :P

EDIT : found a way to get youtube video locally.. no need to download from any damn url
just go to any particular video link, and let it play it in ur machine. once whole video get loaded, just go the the profile path of firefox, in my case its “C:\Documents and Settings\vishal\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles” and search for any file greater than 1 MB and u’ll get ur video with filename as some junk number.. like “808FCD76d01” so sth like that.. then rename that to .flv and play it in any .flv player.. if ur video size is less then 1 MB then it wont be listed in ur search items.. exact path where all videos get stored is “C:\Documents and Settings\vishal\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\t3lxi4dk.default\Cache” where the bold folder name  only will change according to ur pc. :P jakassssssss :P


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