posting coz m bored. i ve observed that lj is place to be when i m bored. i’v seen pursuit of happYness this satruday, DVD quality sound n video, thnx a ton to manan. its a top quality movie i;ve seen after ages. will smith rocks and his son too, he’s actually will’s son in real life :P i got senti so many times in between and that’s very rare for me. “THIS PART OF MY LIFE IS CALLED _bEiNg SeNtI_” ;) I’ve also got all the Rockys and started with rocky-I last night, but went to bed in 20 mins, i came to know that its written by stallone himself. his acsent is very diff. had a tough time what he was saying, n that may be the reason for getting into the bed..

i gave a presentation on “profiling tools under linux” yesterday, and hasteen dint get anything from that :(( i guess i could hv been more prepared to explain any layman. btw, the tools which linux provies are really _khatru_…
1. oprofile (rocking @ kernel level)
2. gprof (user level)
3. objdump (disassamle the binary, and also give source code in C, inline in assembly code :-OOOOOO)
4. ltrace, strace… very handy
5. valgrind (for mem-leaks n cache hit/miss info)
6. gdb (which ViraL presented ;))
today i figured out a GUI way of using them into a single IDE, ie. KDevelop – it rocks

seen mama’s pics of his US office, its cool, he shifted from EmpireState building to a new office in New Jercey :(
want to go to gnagar this weekend, but its farooq’s reception this sunday so not sure

had a chat with jac, and is going to INTEL – b’lore for summer training!!!!!!! cooooooool!!!!!!!

thats it, jay hind


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