yup, bug is solved today.. kernel version changes really pissed me off.. but i learned something new. i’ve got IGI. thnx viral and bring IGI-2 -covert strike, on monday ;). manan will bring me Apolo 13, No.23, persuit of happiness.. vl get all these on monday i guess. APR has started, and heard some really nasty news, its only 20% :-OOOO sucks man!!! home renovation is still going but now there is no “thak thak” ;), m reading da-vinci code:P n i think i can read as well or may be its very well written ;) n i get so motivated that i also got 5.someone from tejas.. lets c how it goes. met neeraj bhai on thrusday night. all talk was bout the future. 3 (me, dattu, neerajbhai) want to earn money, and want to go to US. lol, but not through consultant, coz dont have enough money n trust :P (gand khodi ne besi revama vadhare maja che ;)) but i think m fed up with this IT or i need some more money. had a talk with pratik a few weeks back, n he said “here (in US – he is onsite from our team) woman sitting at laundry is getting paid more than us” lol lol lol. rizvan is in US now. mama is also in NY,. n cool thing is his office is in empire state – 59th floor :-OOOOO kunal is in florida – with verizon (veraaaiiizon – in hasteen’s ascent :P) farooq will fly to chicago next month. joshi will fly to santa clara soon, DB will fly tonight to dallas-texas.. man!!! thats cool, k leave it, m going to enjoy IGI tonight leaving the world apart.. (a cop out) :P:P eagerly waiting for APR..


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  1. How’s Da Vinci coming along then? :P
    And you’re not helping by saying “fed up with this IT”, how do you think that makes me feel? :P I don’t wanna slog now to say years from now I’m fed up with this IT :P

  2. ;) this is my 3rd attempt to da-vinci, n this time m feeling confident to complete it.. m on the half of the way now.
    n bout IT, trust me, dont enter into this one, better opt any pure science discipline. if i could turn back time, i would surely go for astro-physics

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