i m getting bored.. since friday, home renovation is going on, and it will take around 2 months :-OOO.. n i wont be able to sit on computer for that much time i guess.. :((.. this weekend was soooooo boring yaar.. whole day i hear “thak thak.. thak thak..” of all labors.. dust all over, n cement and all mess.. sucks.. i dint even go to out of my gate for two days.. man.. and yesterday i dint even turn on my PC (i guess after kerala this would be the first day when i dint turn on my pc).. i;ve got all 5 rocky but dint get chance.. india also lost.. they deserved to rather. poor fellows, “something needs to be redefined” words from sanju, ha ha ha. btw, i’ve got my radio back, so every night, i listen to mirchi now. reminds me of hostel days :D btw, yesterday i was thinking i’vent completed my post, so i;ll do it now. right now i m installing OSes in our test machines, sucking job man!!! its a task of sys-admin :(

ok.. let me recollect where i finished it last :D :D
k got it..

date : 15th jan ’07

we were supposed to early in morning to go for a morning walk, and have a glimpse of sunrise :D :D… none woke up. ha ha ha, only jadu woke up and that too around 8-8.30 i guess, but as usual he was in bathroom, busy with his daily routine. then somebody woke up in our room, i dont know who was that.. but started TV. it was some music channel, song was “yeh mera dil..” from DON. i do remember this particular song coz of a reason :D. ricky was still sleeping, arora woke him up, and then ricky;s bathroom was busy so he came to our room, and then slept again.. so me, kiran n arora went for breakfast.. all were hungry and the breakfast was complementary he ho ha ha ha.. there was pineapple juice, bread butter, idli, dosa, coffee, tea, eggs, corn flakes… i had a bowl of that, some bread butters and 3-4 glass of juice, a mug of coffee thats it!!!!. and i ate very less compared to arora n kiran.. :D we were done with that and went upstairs to our room, and had bath n everything.. then jadu n ricky went for breakfast.. lol.. then i went to collect the camera and had this photo..

[arora pretending of reading Newspaper]

i heard an auntie complaining to manager that “there was too much of noise in some room last night.. blah blah blah” and that was us.. lol lol.. me n arora were listening it carefully :D :D btw, then we left.. jadu took over the cam and had this one.. :P

[“Good Morning” flower, jadu’s words]

and here is our driver “ALJO”

Today it was sight seeing day. we were supposed to go to two dams, n echo point and some sanctuary and some tea farms and all that.. all were excited. so we started, the route was excellent, full of green tea farms and slopes and XP blue sky, some ppl were selling carrots there, and it was a cool sight, so we stopped the car there and had a photo-session :D here r some pics

[MS vista’s wallpaper :D :D]

[jadu in white t-shirt.. lol, the reason of his white t-shirt was the green background.. “green background mein white t-shirt acchha lagega..
photos achhi ayegi ;)” lol lol]

there was a local guy/caretaker of farm was there and asking for money as we were taking photos :( but we dint pay him. and why the hell we should??? its a public place and we are living in the biggest democratic country :D :D

we moved ahead from there, next destination was a damn, dont remember the name of it, a very biiiig dam.. our legs were paining coz of last days un-intended trekking, but not of arora, we asked him the reason and he said after watching that song (yeh mera dil) in the morning, he straight away went to bathroom.. lol lol lol.. btw, here are the pics

there happened some senti incident, i dont remember exactly.. between arora n jadu i guess, on some very faltu topic, but m not able to recollect it.. leave it ne.. there were some vendors selling cashew nuts of various types, we took some but not that good. moved ahead again on some hilly area.. it was an awesome sight.. reminded me of LOTS, where aragon, n that legalus, n frodo and all went in a little boat where both sides were surrounded by mountains, and there were tow biiiiiiiiig statues.. huff… here r the pics

[see the fast-boat in the lake cum dam.. cool]

[jadu: “take my pic (only me) while i m walkin.. background is cool..” :D :D]

this dam is a damn cool place man.. i loved it
again, we moved ahead to a echo point, [i dint find anything echoing that great at that point] but there were awesome pineapples there. arora got that for all of us. jadu was whistling very hard to get the echo back :D :D.. but a part of that came, which only a few could hear :D.. some ppl were cutting off the trees on the other side.. there was a cooooooooool white gal (was not indian) she was wearing a grean top and brown trouser.. oooooooooooooh man!!!!! she was toooooo cool.. sigh… wearing black glasses.. i still remember the looks of her.. we missed to take her pic :((
btw, here is a pic of so called echo point

then we bought some home made chocolates from there… but it was a bit costlier.. ;) the one with rum was cool.. i liked it.. none was hungry till the time.. now all went to another dam.. “kundala dam” (wow i remember the name) its a jakkas place, man the mountains, n clouds and tall trees.. wooooo.. cool place.. arora took a horse ride there.. me n ricky went to have a tea… those ppl just dont know the meaning of cutting, any damn tea stall will give u a tea will full glass.. and if it tastes bad, you have to spill the whole tea :(( and the same happened again.. but we only ordered a single tea :P.. we wanted to have row-boating again.. coz this lake was way too good than the previous one and they were allowing only 3 ppl in a boat, two + 1 of their guy for our safety, but and he only will do boating, so we refused to have that fellow with us and boated on our own.. it was me, kiran and arora in our boat, and jadu & ricky in other boat (saas-bahu lol) before that we had a photo session.. with the magic word “chal”.. lol.. everyone started saying that word and posed for a pic.. lol lol.. here i m posting pic of jadu, n ricky (saas-bahu – name given by arora, as they both were fighting (with words :D :D) like anything)

to be cont..

i m bored now.. will post more later :D :D
jay hind


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