musical memories of hostel refreshed… ;) got cool instrumentals from tejas a few days back.. today i got chance to listen to them.. we (me n hemant kaka) have started avoiding TV these days, so we sit outside these days till late.. and its fun actually… so i dont sit on computers on night.. tonight there are some guests at home, so kaka is busy with them.. n m on computer… and listening to bombay theme right now. browsed realtek’s PCI driver code in kernel. and found it simpler, and i m hopeful to study it completely by this weekend. actually i m bored of this monotonous life, and right i dont know what excites me :(( very boring.. i want to live in my past, i was happy in hostel only, why i m doing all these? does it make any sense to anyone?? why i m here??? i want to meet god, and want clear all the things.. pllllllllllzzzzzzz help me…

ppl have found so many things to keep themselves busy…

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