had a dry-dry holi this year.. had some fun on sat eve, after leaving office, all the colleagues were at parking, and played holi about half n hour.. then went to home will fully colored my face and clothes.. :D dattu was very excited for the next day, so was me.. arora, tejas came to home on saturday night, had some good laugh :D had a talk with jadu also.. it was fun.. arora felt ill on sunday, one wicket down.. then datuu also was missed, and then me and tejas were left with 5 pcks of color unused. ;)..

in the evening, all classmates decided to meet, on lake(as usual)… and went for dinner at “spice lounge”.. ha ha ha.. service was very slow, like a dial up internet connection.. and it was very costly.. dinner was over, and bill came, lol.. and we were running out of money.. was the same excitement like chain pullin in train.. bill was of 840 rs, and we had only 750.. but thank god neha (manan’s gf) had extra 100 rs for her ticket to baroda.. bachi gya.. ;) so.. that was all bout..

right now, back in the office, rangeela song is going on, and i fixed up a bug and committed to cvs.. manan just came to my desk, n we recalled last night story.. :P

ok.. bbye, jay hind

EDIT:: Manan’s mail on group.. lol, (an example of non-gujju writing in gujarati.. hahaha)

Kaale to suuu majjaaa avi gayi amne… (Hu, Thanki, Jaadiya, Girish, Kinara and Neha).
E jaadu karine.. ame loko The Spice Lounge ma gaya….
ane topaaaa.. sakkhat etle jordarrrr mahengu hotel hatu…
6 loko na 835 na bill aavya… ane kone passe paisa nathi…
Topaaa su tension hati…majja avi gayi…
end ma chillar deine aavya te loko ne…5 rupaiyaa na note, 10 na note ane badhdhi prakaar na note…

those who cant understand this… read Thanki’s Live Journal…


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