installed skype today.. and i got 205 KB/s speed while downloading.. BSNL rocks..
also installed wine, coz wanted to test yahoo msngr :P.. but now working :(
then uploaded my CV to IBM as well as on monster… lol.. after so long
yesterday i arranged all my docs and separated all of them into 3 folders (school college docs, official docs, investment docs :P)… damn, it took 2 hours.. :( i m so bad at managing the things… it was all mess.. previously all docs used to be in a single folder, which used to look like sumo wrestler is wearing a top of mallika sheravat :P.. and yup, tomorrow m gonna submit all my investment proofs. great.. this fiscal is over…

btw, i saw “digital duniya” on ndtv profit.. a cool show man.. that fellow is bringing coolest gadgets (i dont know from where.. but i really enjoyed it..) this time, he got some wireless transmitter of TV programs. i mean u just connect it to ur TV, and it will start transmitting those TV programs over the air,, any WiFi enabled laptop can capture it.. and control the TV channel through laptop only.. damn… and it also works over the internet.. :-O that u can change ur TV channel at ur home, sitting at your office…wooooooow.. the device name is HAWA..

and intel’s 80 core chip will consume less power than any other electronic/electric device in our home :-O
lg is coming up with PRADA phone.. wihtout keypad.. everything is touch-screen
nokia has launched a multi-media computer.. lol

i learned bout service tax, FBT (fringe benefit tax) last night.. lol.. indian businessmen r verrrrrrrry intelligent.. nobody want to pay tax :D.. but that lungi (our FM) is more intelligent than these ppl.. i found so. :P

and yea, jungi is getting engaged probably.. and i’ve to go to porbandar this weekend :D.. m very excited..

jay hind


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