“Works in this world can cause bondage unless done with a sense of sacrifice. Therefore, O son of Kunti, perform your actions for the sake of sacrifice only, free from attachment.”
[Chapter 3 Verse 9 – Bhagvat Geeta]


4 thoughts on “thought

  1. as per our literature, upnishads and granths, the ultimate aim of any human being is to get MOKSHA.. now unless ur free from your KARMAS, you wont get MOKSHA.. KARMA can be good as well as bad, but you have to have the fruits of your karma, and to have the fruits of you karma, you have to take birth in any being (it can be human, or any animal or any damn thing.. this species is decided by your karma..) now if ur keep on doing good work, you will have to have good fruites.. and to have that fruite, you again have to take birth.. this is an endless process.. now if u do karma with a feeling of sacrifice to god, that karma will not generate any fruit, and you will not have to have that.. so u will not have to take birth again, and u’ll be free from this endless process.. that is MOKSHA..
    i hope this clears some of ur doubt..

  2. yep clears many , creating others.
    one does not remember his previos birth ( if something linke that exist). so it doesnt matter to him if it is first second or third or whatever….
    even if it is endless process it is not startless process…it has started sometime , but my question is WHY IT IS TARTED ? why god want us to play game ?
    “Chalo chhokra o, moksha moksha ramiye”

  3. i had exactly the same question… (REF: See my first post in Lj).. but i read somewhere, that its an startless + endless process.. wicket padti jay chee ne navo bats man ave rakhe che.. now i dont know why GOD has created this mess ? (this is the question which i’ll ask if i get a chance to interview GOD :D).. i;ve heard that Bhagavat Geeta answers every question of ours.. did u find it useful???

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