first day in munnar

i took bath as me with my clothes became very dirty. we ordered the lunch in our room only.. we had to order jain food (veg food without onion-garlic) as jadu was there.. jadu has not changed since hostel days..

[his routine in hostel was to wakeup at fixed time, go to bath, wash the clothes, rinse it, puja path, get ready for college, lunch in mesh and go to college.. pph.. arora,tejas,akhil n me used to laugh at him as we never used be in time ever in 4 years and he was our room-partner.. pph ROOM NO 70.. everyday, at 11.30 we used to be in mess (11.30 is the time when lecture starts. pph) and then, as usual “may we come in sir???” pph pph…. coz he was almost unable to come out of his schedule in hostel.. time-table.. pph pph..]

jadu was not changed… man!!!!!!! he was washing his clothes in bathroom.. damn!!! and me-arora were laughing as usual.. had a lunch without jadu, he was only left.. we were getting ready and he was taking lunch coz he was ready with his job :P ricky was maintaining camera very well… as soon as we enter in room, he used to take out the batteries and put them for charging :P so till now all were fully charged including batteries… probably ricky was transferring the images into the pen-drive using hotel manager’s pc :P (smart ass).. we were roaming around the hotel.. we saw two white girls there for the first time… were reading some books there.. and i was like, how the hell they can read in such beautiful climate.. ???!!!!  ricky was done with data transfer and we all started to climb the tea gardens.. i was very excited.. but not all.. it was around 1 km zig zag path to reach at the top, so all other refused..

here is the pic of tea garden, all are picking up the tea leaves :P

From 14th Jan – M…

i wanted to take reflections of the 3 stooges into ricky’s goggles.. no success.. ;) then we all tried once.. to prove oneself.. ha ha ha..

From 14th Jan – M…

i was doing lot of bak-bak, so all requested me to keep my mouth shut..i was quiet then.. all were going to “Blossoms Park” near by our hotel. its a big park, with a small lake kind of thing inside for row-boating.. except ricky-kiran, nobody was knowing row-boating.. ha ha ha.. we all 5 (actually 7 coz jadu & kiran were like 2 men each) were supposed to be in a single boat.. as soon as we stepped into the boat, it started dancing like anything.. it scared the shit out of me man!!! and those fellows, jadu n kiran were changing their seats.. damn!!! jadu was laughing at me.. poor me was seated in middle of the boat… jadu-kiran, ricky-arora were on both sides.. that boatwalal uncle told me not to go in right side.. but these fellows had decided or what, they were going that side only.. my face was fully red (as per jadu’s observation) kiran also started shouting.. and i dont know, but jadu was not able to stop laughing… some how they all managed to make the boat stable… but it was a cool experience… one of the best in munnar :P

i was carrying the cam, and here is the result :P

From 14th Jan – M…

A view of the lake kind of thing :P

From 14th Jan – M…

It was a pure fun.. now we were returning to the shore.. and there also we knocked a boat, parked there :P.. that boatwala uncle  shouted in mallu.. arora said “lets give him a jadu ki jappi“.. pph but he said “thank you” instead :P hmm, now we were just roaming in the garden, and i saw a swing.. i m very fond of that, and i started swinging, and ricky joined my by standing behind me (on the swing itself).. but i dont know, what he was doing, he felt down.. pph. fortunately he dint get injured much, otherwise he would’ve broken a bone or two.. when he got up he said :”kisi ne dekha to nahi”.. pph pph pph…  we found a hut there, so all started photo-shoot there..pph first 3 will stay away, n will take photo and later they will be posing..  ha ha ha.. see the kiran (middle one) in the following photo.. while(1) {pph();}

From 14th Jan – M…

then there was one ride (like military training) we were supposed to on a seat, which was hanging on a wire, and it will slide over that wire… nice exp.. we all did some natak and jadu was taking the pic of us, and now it was jadu’s turn, and arora had a cam on his hand.. jadu’s ride finished, but arora was  not able to click the pic on correct time.. :D :D.. now jadu is posing as if arora is taking his pic while he is in action :P

me :P

From 14th Jan – M…

jadu – by arora :D

From 14th Jan – M…

ha ha ha.. had some great fun.. now all were tired.. but then also, all wanted to room except me.. all went to town, in car, but then all were roaming and that too by walking :(( ricky went to a barber’s shop for shave, arora,jadu,kiran bought a sugar cane, and started eating :P.. damn!!! they have some real stamina man.. and sky was almost dark now.. we all called up to home and then went back to hotel.. ordered the food in room only :P and started watching TV.. this time jadu also joined.. 5 men in a single bed.. pph… jadu to started planning for the next day.. (as usual).. pph.. jadu:”m gonna wake up at 6.30 and will go for a walk.. probably will see the sunrise” … we all told him, to wake us up if we can, we would join him :P..  but then we became busy in watching the TV coz some screen awards were coming, and RAJU SRIVASTAV & NAVIN PRABHAKAR were hosting.. it was full of laugh.. at the end, raju did some damn good comedy bout bachhan n hema malini.. we all were laughing out loudly.. maja avi gay eni maane..
chalo, good night then.. tomorrow all wanted to wake up early :P

to bo cont…


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