GNU Linux

last night, i saw “The Code – Linux” – a documentary on GNU Linux operating system. Saw Alan Cox [known as right hand of Linus], Eric Raymond, Dave Miller, Tso and many others. Gopal once posted a letter from Bill Gates, and that was published in 1972; and Linus was born in 1968/69 [dont remember exactly] pph.. So bill was worried since very long, actually before the birth of GNU Linux.

Also came to know that Linux is not the full featured OS that runs on our comp. Its GNU Linux. A convincing explanation from Richard Stallman [founder of GNU & FSF] bought him my sympathy, but nowadays nobody says GNU Linux. What all know is ONLY linux :(..

One thing i dont like bout the documentary was the language. Some of the developers, parent of Linus and some helsinki professor were speaking in their lang, but the director dint take pain to translate that into english…

“A program is like a recipe, you cook it, change it and share it….”
– Richard Stallman

EDIT: First name suggested for linux was FREAX (FREe + freAk + uniX) but then changed to Linux


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