kerala mein kele(banana) khane ke liye kahan milte hai..!!?? pph

got the snap a day before yesterday… and i’ve also got them at my workplace, so its the time to Lj entry :)

the roots of this trip were found when we were in 3rd sem, we all (me, arora, jadu, pankit, kiran, ricky, pasi & mecha) went to IIT mumbai for techfest.. and we had a great great great trip… since then, we all tried to plan an official long trip to a cool destination.. (actually, when we all meet, any destination becomes cool… even vastrapur lake pph) but never got a chance during engineering..  after 1.5 years of BE completion, that chool began to raise… started getting senti dialogs from jadu that we wont get time in future, and all that… so me, arora, jadu met at lake, and decided that january 07 can be the perfect time… jadu, me & kiran can get leaves from work places, but arora, ricky & pankit r doing MBA, so they’d to plan accordingly.. this time, pasi & mecha were not in… pasi is not in our contact after BE, and mecha wen to canada.. enjoying his happy married life with suni :)…

soooo, got confirmation from arora, ricky..  but pankit got the real pain in ass, he gave reasons bout time & money, and he wanted to come to a’bad in those days and all that.. personally i felt that he was never interested in this trip… whatever, but we 5 were firm, and planned everything for 19th to 28th jan.. tickets were booked, got leaves sanctioned from PM.. and suddenly, bunty-bubbly (akhil-dhara) decided to marry in that period only for some personal reasons… when i got the news, my ass was resembling the burner in chemistry lab.. but anyhow, we had to re-schedule our trip.. so now it was 12th to 20th jan.. we knew that we’r gonna miss uttarayan.. but no issues, kerala was waiting for us.. pph and we knew that we’ll have much more fun than uttarayan at a’bad…

countdown began and finally the date came, me arora and jadu were supposed to depart from a’bad, and rikcy,kiran were supposed to join us from “panvel” (i wont forget this name…..), a place near pune…

we departed from 12.00 noon on 12th jan (all r sardar’s figures :P) from a’bad… had a lot of fun in train.. arora was in full mood, and was not stop talking.. very deadly pjs.. :-OOOOO.. we all thought, not to plan anything in the trip.. just go with the flow.. (arora: “puri trip me sochna mana hai, koi kuch sochega nahi & koi kuch logic nahi lagayega…”) pph.. actually it’s jadu’s tendency to think everything in advance.. like i’ll wake up at this time, i’ll go for a walk then.. i’ll take pictures like this, i’ll wear this, i’ll eat this.. everything.. and me&arora used to tease him a lot on this… and he used to get angry sometimes… pph..

all of three got hungry in the train, and we had a hell amount of nashta with us, thepla & pickles & sukhdi & chevdo &….. list goes on n on.. and arora dint had food since last day.. coz of the thrill of the trip, i ws not that hungry, but arora started eating.. then we all went to deep sleep afterwards… my sleep was broken by the ring of kiran’s phone.. it was almost 7.45 pm..

[ in our compartment, there were two uncles (age was around 40-48 years).. both were having mustaches (almost all south indians have it)..  they both were sleeping, jadu was sleeping on  two-seater’s birth… ]

kiran: “thanki, whn’ll train will reach to panvel???”
me: “probably at 10.30.. i dont know the exact time.. what happend??”
kiran: “be. yaar.. my bus has some problem, its not in time, and i guess, we (me & ricky) wont be able to reach in time.. just confirm when u’ll reach at panvel…”
me: [i dint take it seriosly] “ok, let me ask tc or anyone else,, i;ll call u back..”

i asked a person in next compartment, and he said, train is before time now.. :-OOOOOO and it will reach panvel around 10. mari phati padi… pph.. then i woke jadu up, and told him the stroy.. as usual, he started scolding kiran…

jadu: “chutiyo chhe dofo… bhan nathi padti, ke bas bagdi hoy to biju koi vehicle kari ne pahonchi jaiye… bhanyo pan ganyo nahi..”

pph pph pph…

then i woke up arora and made him know bout the situation.. he also got angry… then i called up kiran, and ricky both, and asked them, that what then cay do…. but no luck.. then again kiran phoned me, and wanted to talk to arora; kiran suggested to pull the chain from any of the toilet, in case of emergency….. arora said ok ok.. and cut the phone.. we all were thinking what to do.. kiran called again and asked “have u guys pulled the chain????” i said no.. its not a joke to pull the chain… and in train toilets, u wont find any chain to pull…  kiran was angry now, coz we didnt pull the chain.. and jadu ws getting angry on kiran, ke, he is scolding us and that too coz of his mistake… we all were losing our temper… then arora thought, lets do one thing, we’ll pull the chain, and whenever checking will come, we’ll say that my cellphone dropped from toilet, so i had to pull the chain…. bad idea.. me & jadu were not convinced, then he said, ok let me pull chain from some other compartment, where everyone is sleeping.. jadu said, dont u ever do that, if they wake up, and will start shouting, then…. :-OOO, another idea dropped.. and kiran was keep on calling..

kiran:”arora, we had booked a tavera now, for Rs.2000, and if we couldnt manage  to reach there, then we’ll have to come by flight tomorrow.. do sth..” a senti statement..

arora said ok, let me think sth.. then arora thought to pull chain from our own comaprtment, as both uncles were sleeping.. me and jadu were denying.. coz the there was 1000Rs fine + 1 year of jail.. :-OOO.. even after knowing the fact arora was firm on doing that… and asked me & jadu to keep our ass cool.. me and jadu lied on our birth, and started acting as if we r sleeping..  arora pulled the chain..

DISCLAIMER: Yeh sirf natkiya rupantaran hai… pph pph, photo was clicked on 21st jan.. while returning to a’bad :P

and he also moved his face towards the walk way… his heart was pumping like anything.. pph pph.. excitement was at its pick.. and train stopped suddenly… we were trying to sleep, but how can we… and kiran was keep on calling, my phone was in my pant’s pocket, and was in vibrating mode.. how can i pick that up.. damn it.. after 3 full rings, 4th call i picked up.. and asked him to stop calling for 5 mins..  gand fateli hati badhani… pph… arora had thought of what he’ll speak if checking comes, and all that.. but checking dint come…. hufffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  but then train dint even stop for 5 minutes, and started again… no checking nothing… everything went smooth except the stop time of train….

to be cont………

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7 thoughts on “kerala mein kele(banana) khane ke liye kahan milte hai..!!?? pph

  1. Wow.. I think that’s the biggest entry I’ve seen of yours! :O Properly typed and everything! :O
    Panvel is here only!!! Its part of Navi Mumbai if I’m not mistaken! Its closer to my house than it is to Pune, just some minutes away!!
    And ooh.. interesting story [and cool pic :P] update soon!

  2. yea this is the biggest entry… and i wanted it in that way only.. dont want to miss a damn single thing… :).. will write in parts coz cant write bout whole trip at a stretch.. n this pic is of arora, who pulled the chain.. :P..

  3. Yeah I knew it wasn’t you :P Just saying.. cool pic :P Its so cool that he didn’t get into any sort of trouble for pulling the chain! He’s got some guts man I’d never do that!!

  4. KHATRNAK BAPU……and panvel is not near pune…daffod…its near mumbai…….write the second part fast. O and i dint get the part about booking taqvera and coming back by plane next day if you got late…..wat was that all about?

  5. are i know, panvel is not near pune,
    and kiran,ricky were in same bus, which ws running slow coz of some problems in engine.. so they booked tavera to cut rest of the distance towards panvel.. and then also if they couldnt reach, they were planning to reach kerala by flight :P

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