after heavy rain in ahmedabad, a new disease called “CHICKEN GUNIYA” has appeared.. and it has got more popularity than AIDS.. LOL… perviously, if somebody (in our friend circle) fell ill, then we used to say, AIDS ho gaya kya?.. now CHICKEN GUNIYA has taken that place…. be yaar, my firefox is very slow at the moment, coz m not able to see my cursor in this text box.. somebody is taking my CPU Cycles..

btw, i got the exact meaning of jiffies in linux kernel.. its the time between two clock ticks of CPU.. and which is the argument in schedule_timeout(long int) function.. yipeeee… and one more gud news, we got 6.8 gbps with 57% CPU util.. :D :D.. chodya o e amaro dav kari didho to… loado e release cancle kari didhi and those fucking fellows dint even bother to inform us… tonight they are going to release it again.. and this time also i m not sure.. bhen…. this is not done..

je thavu hoy te thay.. i m going to home.. and will have a sexy sleep.. gud night…


4 thoughts on “bimari…….

  1. Yours truly had already gone through similar fever here in mumbai.
    I don’t know what people call it here though.
    PS: seen two very old photos from blore
    will mail u soon.

  2. how r u feeling now..?? btw, thanx for those b’lore pics.. :) those were the memorable days yaar.. missing u all.. hey, u konw ne thing? nirajbhai has given the resignation notice in Accenture… he’s joining I2, b’lore.. 5.5 pkg… :) can find more info on

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